This tour is designed especially for travelers who wish to visit the most popular sites of the Old City in four hours.
Throughout the tour, we will travel in the Old City Train, which will take us from one site to another,making the visit in the old city simple and allowing you to take in all the sites of Jerusalem.
Our tour guides are among the best in Jerusalem, Each one is a courteous professional, authorized by the Ministry of Tourism.

You will also be provided with a detailed map of the old city as well as cold mineral water at two points along the route.


Old City Train- Daily Tour

The tour route

We will start our tour at Jaffa Gate, where we will board the Old City Train and travel to Zion Gate. 
During the ride,we will listen to our guide explain all of the amazing sites that can be seen along our route. 
We will first visit Mount Zion and the Last Supper Room, the Dormition Abbey, as well as an amazing panoramic view of the Mount of Olives.
Next, we will continue our tour to the Jewish Quarter, the Christian Quarter, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Via Dolorosa.
As we approach the end of our tour, we will finally visit the Western Wall,then make our way back to Jaffa Gate on the Old City Train.
When :        Every day (except Saturday) at 12:00
Where:        Jaffa Gate - Old City of Jerusalem.
Duration:    3 Hours
Difficulty:    Mild to moderate
Cost:            30$
Modest dress: Covered shoulders / no shorts
Free map and mineral water
The Old City Train is an enjoyable and efficient way to explore Jerusalem, saving you time and effort.
טלפון   (212) 664-7665        


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