Old City Train Tours

Daily Old City Tour

The Old City Train produces many tours of the Old City of Jerusalem and across the country. Bar/Bat  Mitzvah Tours, daily tours, evening tours, special tours for groups and randoms tours.
We specialize in Judaism and Christianity tours and capable to guide all the sites in Israel.

Private Tours

For Private tours you can set the schedule, itinerary, language and pick up\drop off lacations.
Private tours are available in every language and itinerary in Jerusalem and across the country. Certain tour require advanced booking (At least 3 hours in advance). The rate is determined by vehicle size, driving distance, language and duration of the tour.
Our guides are qualified tour guides among the best in Israel.
For further information and for booking, please contact us by email or call us.
טלפון   (212) 664-7665        

דוא"ל   oldcitytrainoffice@gmail.com        

כתובת  רחוב יפו 1, שער יפו, ירושלים

עקבו אחרינו

עקבו אחרי עמוד הפייסבוק שלנו וקבלו עדכונים, מבצעים והצעות לסיורים בכל ימות השנה